Robin Housen

The person behind Housen’s Culinary Experience is Robin Housen.

Robin Housen has experience in different Michelin star restaurants and has a passion for creating exceptional dining experiences.

Born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands, Robin discovered his love for cooking at the young age of 13, from selling ice cream in the local ice cream shop to cooking in a fine dining Italian restaurant.

After completing culinary school in Belgium, Robin honed his skills at several Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands, such as:

  • Parkheuvel
  • De leuf
  • Wolfslaar
  • Château Neercanne

Robin’s culinary style is characterized by his use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and his focus on bringing out the natural flavors of each ingredient. He is known for his creative and visually stunning dishes, such as his signature lionfish ceviche and sweet bread with truffle , yuzo and coca cola sauce.

In addition to his culinary skills, Robin is also a gifted leader and mentor. He is passionate about training and developing his team and is known for creating a positive and collaborative work environment in his kitchen.

Today, Robin is the executive chef and owner of Housen’s Culinary Experience, where he continues to push the boundaries of traditional French and international cuisine and create unforgettable dining experiences for his guests. He remains dedicated to his craft and is constantly exploring new flavors, techniques, and ingredients to keep his cuisine fresh and exciting.

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