Private Chef

Private Chef

Housen’s Culinary Experience provides you a unique experience of exploring incredible tastes created by our team of chefs in the comfort of your own home. The private chef service covers all aspects, from creating a customized food and wine pairing menu to serving you the entire evening. Please find an overview of our private chef services below:

Experience fine dining in the comfort of your own home!

Our team creates a personalized menu entirely based on your preference. Explore a 3, 4, 5, 7 or even a 9 course dinner! During the evening our chefs prepare cold and warm courses on location while our waitresses take care of your drinks and serve your food. Therefore, you can enjoy your evening ’hassle-free’.

Here we served a lovely birthday dinner in a beautiful garden.

Explore amazing tastes from our Green Egg BBQ.

Here we served a lovely group on the beach. They enjoyed a delicious barbecue served by one of our chefs Danique.

Experience an amazing evening with our Green Egg BBQ. Our team will ensure an unforgettable night with the absolute best dishes from the barbecue. In advance, you will stay in close contact with the team in order to provide them with your food and drinks preferences.

Enjoy an incredible evening with your loved ones during dinner!

Interested in a more simple way of dining but with the qualities of fine dining? Look no further! Our team will set up a table with incredible dishes so you can share and try every single meal. You have the ability to choose between different delicious nights, seafood special, an Italian night, a taco night or an USA family buffet dinner. Contact us for the content of our menu’s!

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